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Preventive Health Check Up Packages with CMC Clinic

The health of you and your loved ones is the single most precious commodity in life. To protect this, and to prevent the onset of disease and illness, it is important that you build the foundation of a strong protective wall. With CMC Clinic’s health packages, you can now have the defensive system that will help secure your health.

Why Go In For Regular Health Check-Ups?

Thanks to modern medicine, diseases that were previously thought incurable can now be treated, provided the disease is diagnosed in its initial stages. Regular health check-ups help assess a person’s health, increase awareness about potential threats and provide an enormous amount of reassurance.
The main aim of our health check-up packages is to help you detect and tackle diseases before they become untreatable. Our comprehensive health check-up is ideal for people who have high-stress lifestyles, extended work hours, irregular food habits or a predisposition to certain diseases.

While selecting a health screening package, though, it is important to know what kind of tests are relevant for you. Understanding this, CMC Clinic has customised a number of health check-up packages for every type of patient, including:

  • CMC Master Health Check: A comprehensive master health check-up package that completely covers all the basics of health care.
  • CMC Executive Health Check: A health check-up package customized for the working men and women of our country, who lead stressful lives.
  • CMC Health Check: A comprehensive health check-up that offers reassurance for patients needing all their medical bases covered.
  • CMC Heart Check: A complete health check-up package that thoroughly assesses the state of your cardiovascular system.
  • CMC Whole Body Check: A complete health care package that covers blood tests, liver function and general tests.
  • CMC Child Health Check: Protecting the health and welfare of your child, CMC child health check package covers all the bases of medical check-up needs.
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